Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Welcome to the Fall 2017 edition of BIOL2101!

Hi everyone

Welcome to the Fall 2017 genetics course (BIOL2101).  We're running the course with "lecture" classes only (tutorials were dropped for budgetary reasons).  This won't necessarily impact the quality of your education, but because tutorials are a more active (and much more effective) way to understand material, we're going to do "tutorial stuff" in classes more than "lecture stuff", which often  consists of the instructor reading PowerPoint images to a class which is copying down the facts.

Instead, I'll have you use the textbook heavily prior to coming to class.  In class I'll take questions and clarify points, and have you working through exercises that should help you understand genetics concepts.  Every week, you'll have a "Just-in-Time Teaching" Assignment (JiTT) due by noon each Sunday.  These are questions that you should be able to answer if you've read through the textbook.  Note that the information will precede the class activities to relate to:  you'll be doing some learning on your own, but more importantly you'll be developing questions and ideas that we can work with in class.  The homework system that provides the questions is by MasteringGenetics, which you need to purchase from the bookstore.  You can buy a looseleaf version, which includes access to Mastering; an eBook that includes Mastering, or a Mastering license alone (but you'll need the 2nd edition of Saunders and Bowman's Genetics textbook.

You'll also need to find that iClicker you used for BIOL 1202 because in-class activities will be worth points.  If you don't have one, you can buy one at the bookstore.