Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Welcome to the Winter 2018 edition of BIOL2101!

Hi everyone

Welcome to the Winter 2018 genetics course (BIOL2101).  There are two types of pedagogy offered this semester.  Section 002 (M,T,R 10:30am) will use "lecture" classes only and be assessed using term tests.  Section 001 (T,R,F 1:30pm) will be "specifications grading" where each Friday will have an assessment.  That means no term tests.  The difference is that "specifications grading" offers three opportunities for each type of assessment.  If an assessment is not passed, it's presented again up to two more times.  The letter grade assigned is based on the skills that are demonstrated over the semester.

This won't impact the quality of your education.  In both cases it's mandatory to read the chapters prior to class.  Exam questions will be quite similar.

Classes should be interactive:  bring questions and ask me to clarify points you've read.  On occasion I'll have you work through exercises that should help you understand genetics concepts.  Every week, you'll have a "Just-in-Time Teaching" Assignment (JiTT) due by noon each Sunday.  These are questions that you should be able to answer if you've read through the textbook.  Note that the information will precede the class activities to relate to:  you'll be doing some learning on your own, but more importantly you'll be developing questions and ideas that we can work with in class.  The homework system that provides the questions is by McGraw-Hill Connect, which you need to purchase from the bookstore.  It comes bundled with all eBook and new textbook sales.

You'll also need to find that iClicker you used for BIOL 1202 because in-class activities will be worth points.  If you don't have one, you can buy one at the bookstore.